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Welcome friend to our post box where you’ll find free gifts from me to you to enrich your days with memory making moments and creative fun. These gifts are my way of thanking you for being a part of the Long Walk journey. I’m thrilled you’re here.

In the coming days and weeks you’ll find some Lent and Easter gifts waiting for you right here. I can’t wait to give them to you. So check back here soon!

Many Many Blessings,


Long Walk Lent and Easter Gifts 

Our Family Shrove Tuesday Pancakes Recipe


Here is our family recipe for Shrove Tuesday pancakes. My husband David has perfected this simple recipe over time so we’re sharing it with you now. These are English style pancakes similar to French crepes. Fill them with leftovers, or enjoy them with syrup or lemon and sugar.

Shrove Tuesday Pancake recipe

The Easter Story Wreathe


Easter is the season to surround ourselves with story, the old, long, deep and wide story of God’s long walk to the cross. So here is one little way you might keep the story alive in your home this season.

Alongside the story of this long walk, the long story of grace, I’m inviting you into a fun activity that might just become a new family tradition: A Story Wreath walking out the long story of Easter week by week.  This is a simple craft activity for you and/or your whole household to work on together. An activity that is more than a craft, more than a project. This story-wreath might just become a whispering reminder, nestled there in the centre of your table, the middle of your door, or right there on your wall; gently nudging you throughout your week to stay in the long story of grace.

I’ve also collected together Scriptures that tell this long story, every week adding a new layer to the journey as you add new layers to the story of grace unfurling in your wreath.

Below are simple instructions to make the wreath and suggested decorations to add to it week by week.

Let’s stay in the long story of grace together this Easter season

Wreath Making Instructions…

Easter Story Wreathe

The Long Story in Scripture Booklet…

Easter Story Wreath Scriptures


Christmas and Advent Gifts


The Waiting Manger Advent Project

“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.”



This ‘Waiting manger’ project creates a place to hold the words of His story this Advent, the story of this coming King. You may choose to create it all in one sitting or do each of the four parts slowly one at a time over the coming weeks of Advent as you prepare a place for the child born King. It is created from simple objects… mainly popsicle sticks and glue with other optional extras. And of course the Advent and Christmas journey cards that complement this project are also waiting for you here in our post box (just scroll down to find them).

The step by step instructions for creating your ‘waiting manger’ Advent project are here…

The Waiting Manger Advent Craft Project


The materials you’ll need to gather are here (also listed in the printable instructions)

The Stable and Star template printed 

Craft glue (for wood)

Sturdy Scissors

Large popsicle craft sticks 

A flat wooden base (anything will do, a jar lid or craft round)

Wooden craft cubes (not essential but helpful) 

Straw or hay (optional)

A traditional style clothes peg OR three wooden beads (beige colour)

Gold craft paint (optional)

Cream or white woven fabric square (approximately 5x5cm)

A craft saw (not essential but helpful)

A pencil


An Advent and Christmas Journey (Printable Cards)

Here is your free gift of Scripture journey cards for each of the 24 days of Advent and also the 12 days of Christmas. Simply download, print and walk through the story of the coming King this Christmas season.


An Advent and Christmas Journey (Gift)

Advent Scripture Cards 1




Lent and Easter Gifts 

Crafts For the Easter Season


Light the Dark Lanterns

Count Your Blessings This Easter Season

Count Your Blessings Chain strips

Blessing Banner and Decorations

The Layers of The Cross

Abraham Chord Cord

Lamp Stands to Light Our Paths…

A Reverse Easter Egg Hunt

Printable Cards, Posters and Book Marks 


Easter Poster

Easter Poster Gift

Easter Sunrise Bookmarks

Week 7 Scripture Poster

Easter Cards

Palm Sunday Posters

Gifts WK2- Scripture Book Marks

Printable Scripture cards for Lent and Easter..

Printable Scripture cards for each day Lent. These scriptures are all connected with the journey of the Long Walk and can be a way to carry the long story with you into your day.


Easter Scripture Cards

Holy Week Scripture Cards

Holy Week BW Scripture cards

Scripture Cards Gift Week-6

Gift week 6- BW Scripture cards

Week 5 Gifts- BW Scripture cards

Scripture Cards Gifts week 5-

Gift Week 4 Scripture Cards

Week 4 Gifts- BW Scripture cards

Scripture Card Gift week 3

BW Scripture cards week 3

Week 2-Scripture Cards

Week 2 BW Scripture cards

Gift Week 1 -Scripture cards BW

Gift Week 1 -Scripture cards


Hot Crossed Buns Recipe


A Marvelous Melty Chocolate Easter Moment 

Enjoy a warm chocolatey Easter moment together with this easy recipe our family has used for years. This recipe works very well in a slow cooker too, so is a perfect choice for Easter Sunday. 


Shrove Tuesday Pancake recipe

Our family recipe for Shrove Tuesday pancakes: My husband David has perfected this simple recipe over time so we’re sharing it with you now. These are English style pancakes similar to French crepes.


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