Welcome friend to ‘The Long Walk…’ 

Come, lean in for just a moment, take a moment and take a breath. I have something for you,  a homemade gift just for you, if you want it. A little corner of the internet filled with story. His story. Your story. Our story. The story of how we find ourselves alive once more in grace. The story of how we find our feet in this world of whirling rush and wearing uncertainty.

Do you feel it, some days? Like time and life swirl around us, pulling us along in their current, dragging us through our days. There are days in life when it can feel in all the flood of time we have no handles, nothing to hold onto, no-one holding us, holding us together, holding our head above water, as we wash away in rush, drowning in busyness, flailing in worry.

But in all the whirl there has always been a hand, though we often miss it.  A strong arm reaching out in the current, the strong grip of God reaching through all time into our time, pulling us to the surface, to the shore, letting us fill our lungs once more with a gasp, with the oxygen of time standing still, the deep breath of stillness in a soul, of inhaling wonder, love and peace. ‘Be still and know..’ He says.  Be still. Know God. Is there any other way to know Him?

And in all our drowning whirl, this will always be the truth, when we reach for Him we find Him reaching back; Through time, through life, through all our struggles, His hand is there waiting to take ours, to invite us on a journey with Him. A journey leaning on His strong arm, hearing His strengthening voice, walking in His guiding footsteps.

This ‘Long walk’ corner of the internet, it is all an invitation to still. An invitation to still ourselves each day, so we can journey through our days with God. It is a bending of our eyes to see the world through His, a sidling up beside grace as He walks toward the cross, learning afresh how to stay in step. Walking with God on this long walk, His long walk to find humanity, to find us in all our wondering wanderings.

Take a moment just to breath. To hear. To see. To listen. To experience Life through the eyes of Jesus, to find comfort in His presence. This Jesus, the real one, with Galilean dust in His sandals and the depth of a thousand galaxies in His eyes.

This season could be a pilgrimage to His heart, a long walk keeping Christ company on His long road to the cross. This long road He has been on since before all time began, the road He walked to find you. You; The one drowning in all your rush.

Where ever all your previous moments have left you, wherever all your previous experiences have lost you, He’s left heaven behind to find you, where ever you are in your walk. This is an invitation to you to come and find yourself in His love. Find your hope in His presence.

Because Hope, isn’t a feeling, isn’t an attitude, isn’t an idea, isn’t an outcome.

Hope is a person. And that person has been journeying towards this moment in time with you from before all time began.

Take His strong hand, let His arm pull you out of the current for a moment, for a season. Relearn how to breathe, long and deep and slow. Relearn how to see, eyes alive in wonder. Relearn how to hear His voice anew. See. Listen. Breathe.

So here it is. My gift to you. A little corner of the internet filled with story. His story. Your story. My story. Our story. The story of how we find ourselves alive once more in grace.

Welcome to this journey. The long walk with Jesus.

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