You made it through the first leg! (And your gifts are here)

Hello friends and walking companions,

Well you made it through the first week. Well done! And welcome everyone who joined us during the week, it’s lovely to have you along. 

Tomorrow our long walk will depart from the garden of Eden (on the East side) and start to pick up pace. It will go downhill at first, then after a few days our trek will become somewhat of an ocean voyage as we travel with Noah through a flood (seeing some spectacular rainbows along the way!). We’ll then journey to the plain of Shinar to see some unfinished architecture, and then meet up with Abraham and his family as they traipse overland, following God into the unknown.

For those who have just joined us this week, this journey we are on ‘The Long Walk…’,  is a story, so rather than a five minute thought for the day or short pep talk to spur you on, the Long Walk takes the time of a story, the time of a strolling, rambling adventure with God on the trails He’s beaten back in search of His wandering children. Reading it will take 15-25 minutes a day (depending on how fast you read). But feel free to just journey with us as your time allows.  I would also definitely suggest that it is best enjoyed with a cuppa and a friend to talk it over with at times. 

If you haven’t got a walking companion yet, grab a friend or two and invite them to join you. I have put together a simple ‘trail talks’ sharing guide for you and your friends to talk over as you journey together (you’ll find it below, along with your other gifts).

Now here I have for you a little kit bag of fun, created just to encourage you on your journey…

Here are your gifts this week… 


Printable Scripture cards: One for each day until next Saturday (Days 5 to 10). There are two versions, a decorative colour version and a black and white version (for those who prefer the minimalist style or to decorate their own). These scriptures are all connected with the journey of the Long Walk and can be a way to carry the long story with you into your day, mulling it over as you go.

Week 2-Scripture Cards

Week 2 BW Scripture cards


A Scripture poster: Each week, I’ve chosen a significant Scripture that frames the journey of our week together, creating a frame-able Word for your wall.

Gifts week 2- Scripture Poster


Some printable bookmarks: These scripture book marks can be a gift for you or for you to give to others. All with scriptures we will journey through together this week.

Gifts WK2- Scripture Book Marks


Walking Companion ‘Trail Talks’…

Journey’s are always better when shared! These ‘trail talks’ are three simple fellowship prompts for you to talk over with friends as you walk together through the ups and downs of this long story of grace. These can be used throughout the whole journey. One sheet has cards/bookmarks enough for three people.

Walking Companion Trail Talks


A ‘Light the Dark’ Lanterns Craft Activity 

This very simple craft activity is connected with the stories of this week, so for those who enjoys arts and crafts, this gift is especially for you!

Light the Dark Lanterns

And look out for another ‘New Tradition’ for the Easter season coming very soon! 

Now, as I said, it’s not too late to invite friends to join us on the trail with Jesus, so feel free to invite others and gather some walking companions together. Everyone’s welcome. However I would suggest that you perhaps forward them your favourite day from the time we spent in Eden last week as a ‘taster’. This is because (just between me and you) Monday’s trek goes a little downhill at first (in the difficult sense) so it would be a challenging day for a new traveller to begin the journey on. It’s one of my favourite days actually, but it means so much more after having just camped a few days in Eden first. (Forwarding by email is easy… just look for the little envelope icon at the bottom of each post, beside the social media sharing buttons).

If you yourself haven’t worked out how to join yet, so that you receive the Long Walk journey straight into your inbox, you can do so here…

Yep, I’m up for the journey!

I’m so thrilled to be sharing this journey with you this Easter season as we explore the long story of grace together. I’d love to hear your thoughts and insights as we walk along. There’s space to chat on The Long Walk site (in the comments section) as well as on our Facebook ‘walking together’ group discussion here: ‘Walking Together’.  So lets keep talking as we walk. 🙂

See you on the road this week as we continue our adventure!



PS- if you joined us late and missed out on your gifts from last week, they are waiting for you in our post box (on the menu bar).  You might also like to check out the New Traditions corner for the first household Easter season activity.

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  1. Thankyou for the ideas. We did the light the dark lanterns in GCC youth today after starting to talk about love & Easter. They used masking tape to create a cross & other shapes.

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