A Surprise… Can you guess?

Hey. We’re just over half way through our journey together and I have a surprise for you! Something perhaps a little unexpected… I’m so excited… bursting to tell you!

Should I tell you or leave it as a surprise?

Maybe I’ll leave it.

Nope. I’m going to tell you.

Tomorrow we are going to cut across country (across time) to an unexpected location, linking up with someone pretty special… in Bethlehem! No. Not King David this time (we’ll catch up with him next year). Someone else. 

We’re leaping over several hundred years in time, to get to the one person who was there before all time began. Have you guessed? 

I’m so excited. This week we’ll be traveling to Bethlehem, then camping for forty days in some wilderness areas, then we’ll have a seaside stop in Galilee and then finally meet up in Samaria. I know that’s quite a lot of travelling but don’t worry. We have the best guide. He’ll make sure no one is left behind or lost. We can trust Him.

So… here is your tool kit for this coming week… 


Your Printable Scripture cards


One printable scripture card for each day until next Sunday (black and white and colour versions).

Scripture Cards Gifts week 5-

Week 5 Gifts- BW Scripture cards

A Scripture poster 


This frame-able Word for your wall frames the journey of our week together, so place it somewhere where you see it often.

Scripture Poster Week 5

Our family Recipe for HCBs!!! 


Yep! It’s time to fill your home with that lovely warm hug of baking spicy goodness! I’m sharing with you our family recipe we’ve developed over years which is whole-wheat-healthy and comes with a twist of Jamaican-Australian spice. Enjoy!

Hot Crossed Buns Recipe

And a simple ‘New Tradition for an Old Story’ connected  with HCBs is on it’s way soon so look out for it!

Now, remember there’s always space to chat on The Long Walk site (in the comments section) as well as on our Facebook ‘walking together’ group discussion space here: ‘Walking Together’. You can also post photos here of your Easter baking,  activities or crafts…or just your thoughts along the way.

Let’s keep exploring the long story of grace together. It’s been so lovely to have you on the journey. See you on the road tomorrow!

Many Blessings,


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