Holy Week…

Hello Walking Companions,

Palm Sunday and Holy Week blessings! Can you believe we are here already? We are on the homeward stretch now, with just over a week left in our journey. Every day this week brings us closer to the cross and deeper into this Easter story, this long story of grace.

I hope this week you will find time to soak in the story and in the Scriptures as we walk through this special week together, keeping company with Christ on the final leg of His long journey to the cross.  It’s been a long walk we’ve shared together. In many ways the journey of this week, Holy Week, will help us see all our previous travels in God’s long story more clearly. 

Now, here is your tool kit for this coming week…


You’ll notice the printable Scripture cards take you all the way through Holy week and beyond until the end of our walk together.

Your Printable Scripture cards


One printable scripture card for each day of Holy week until the Wednesday after Easter (black and white and colour versions).

Holy Week Scripture Cards

Holy Week BW Scripture cards

Two Holy Week ‘Word for Your Wall’ Printable Posters 


These two frame-able Words for your wall particularly focus on two Scriptures that we’ll soak in this week.

Week 7 Scripture Poster

An Easter Cross Ornament Craft


There are so many layers to what God achieved for us on the cross, We may spend a lifetime grasping the breadth and depths of all that Christ’s death for us accomplished. This little craft is a simple reminder of this. Enjoy!

The Layers of The Cross

If you have any thoughts to share or Scriptures that have blessed you throughout this week remember there’s space to share with each other in our  ‘Walking Together’  Facebook group.

It’s been so lovely taking this journey with you.  See you on the road as we travel through our final week together in the long story of grace. 

Many Blessings,


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