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Welcome Friend. Whether you just stumbled in here or were invited by a friend, you are most welcome. Kick your shoes off, make yourself a cup of tea, and make yourself at home. 

I know this looks like a website, but actually it could also be called a road of sorts. Well, a journey really. This small corner of the internet is the start of a journey through a story. A story I am going to tell you throughout the coming days leading up to Easter (a season called ‘Lent’ in traditional church calendars). 

So what is this story ‘The Long Walk…’? Well its my attempt to capture the one true story underneath every other true story, the story of how God left behind Heaven to come to this crazy beautiful broken world to find each one of us. And why am I telling this story during the Easter season? Well, it’s all about Easter really, or rather Easter is all about this story… it’s the main point of Easter (Nope… not the chocolate!) because from the moment God dreamt us into being His walk to the cross had begun. 

This longer older story that Easter is part of is actually the story that makes sense of our whole human existence, the larger longer story that makes sense of every other story, yours and mine included.

This story I am going to share with you, ‘The Long Walk…’ is the story of Jesus’ long walk, beginning at the genesis of everything and ending in the now and the not-yet. It’s an invitation to follow along with Him on His journey, starting in Genesis with our beginnings, then traversing through the stories of His presence with ancient Israel and then finally travelling alongside Him as He journeys towards the cross.

And while ‘The Long Walk…’is a story, it is also more than a story, it is also a strolling, rambling adventure with God on the trails He’s beaten back in search of His wandering children. Some adventurers from last years ‘Long Walk…’ trek have described their journey like this…

“I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and value the gift you have given me this Lent season. My heart has been so moved and inspired by your posts, and received such revelation from the beautiful insights and connections you’ve put together. Every day was enjoyable, reading with my cup of tea :-). The extra time with the Lord has been an impactful addition to my regular quiet times and brought a depth of meaning and meditation that I won’t forget. THANK YOU!” 

Yvonne Stewart, Missionary, Author and Bible teacher with ‘The Jesus Way’ USA

‘Wow a very touching piece of writing piercing the heart.’

Jill I’Anson, Full time Christian worker, Author of ‘Splashes of Smiles’

‘Thank you for your commitment to writing such deep thoughts and revelation.’

Vanessa Hall, Author, Speaker, CEO of Entente

So if you are up for it, or even if you’re just curious to hear more… come along, join us for as much or as little as you want to. I’ll meet you right here on the 21st of February and we’ll set out.  We’ll be journeying through the story each day from then onwards for six days each week. Sundays we’ll rest. Then we’ll round off our trip just after the Easter weekend on the 12th of April.

On Shrove Tuesday (right after the pancakes) you will find a letter waiting just for you in your inbox, and a trail of story-letters following on through the days and weeks to follow, like breadcrumbs leading you through the ‘Long Walk…’ adventure, all the way up until Easter. Reading them will take 10-15 minutes a day (depending on how fast you read). Join the journey as your time allows. And I would definitely say that it is best enjoyed with a cuppa and a friend to talk it over with.

Oh, and by the way, look out for some gifts arriving for you (in our Long Walk postbox) every Sunday morning during this Easter season… printable Scripture cards, posters, bookmarks, recipes, craft ideas… just for you and just for fun.

So join us on the journey. You can sign up here.  No cost. No catch. And feel free to invite as many friends as you wish. Let’s make it a party as we explore this long story of grace together. 

See you on the road!



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