Happy Sunday! You made it through the fourth week of the Long Walk. Well done. We have more adventures ahead of us this week. Our first two days we’ll be in the desert with Jesus, but after this we’ll be spending our time in and around the Sea of Galilee (with a short stop over in Samaria).

As always don’t worry if you miss a days journey or two. Just come along as you are able.

Here are some more treats for you, most with a sea theme which fits our Long Walk for the coming week. Enjoy!

Your Printable Journey Cards for the coming week

One printable scripture journey card for each day until next Sunday.

Journey Cards

Journey Cards Week Five

A Word for Your Wall Series (three printable Scripture posters) all on a Sea theme

These frame-able Words for your wall frame the journey of our week together, so place them somewhere where you see them often.

Word for your wall week 5

Our family Recipe for HCBs!!! 


Yep! Every year I share this recipe with our friends. Just in time to fill our homes with that lovely warm smell of baked spicy goodness in the weeks leading up until Easter! This recipe I’m sharing with you is our family recipe that we’ve developed over many years which is whole-wheat-healthy and comes with a twist of Jamaican-Australian spice. Enjoy!

And you’ll find a really enjoyable ‘new tradition’ to explore that goes with this recipe right here. It’s a fantastic way to bring people together during this season. 

The HCB tea party!

IMGP4767 copy

See you on the road next week as we keep exploring the long story of grace together.

Many Blessings,


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