New Traditions for an Old Story…

The Easter Story Wreath

A New Tradition Telling the long Story of Grace

There’s just one day to go until our long walk begins.

Because Easter is the season to surround ourselves with story (the old, long, deep and wide story of God’s long walk to the cross) I’m sending you one little way you might keep the story alive in your home this season.  It is not at all essential for our long walk journey, just a bit of fun to brighten your days along the way.

Alongside the story of this long walk, the long story of grace, I’m inviting you into a fun activity that might just become a new family tradition: A Story Wreath walking out the long story of Easter week by week.  This is a simple craft activity for you and/or your whole household to work on together. An activity that is more than a craft, more than a project. This story-wreath might just become a whispering reminder, nestled there in the centre of your table, the middle of your door, or right there on your wall; gently nudging you throughout your week to stay in the long story of grace. 

I’ve also collected together Scriptures that tell this long story, every week adding a new layer to the journey as you add new layers to the story of grace unfurling in your wreath.

Below are simple instructions to make the wreath and suggested decorations to add to it week by week. 

Let’s stay in the long story of grace together this Easter season.



Wreath Making Instructions

Easter Story Wreathe

The Long Story in Scripture Booklet

Easter Story Wreath Scriptures

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