Three Weeks in and it’s Time to Put Your Feet Up!

Hello Long Walkers! How are you? Well it’s about time to put your feet up and take a break, because you’ve earned it! Three weeks of walking. Wow! And what an eventful journey this last week has been! 

We’ve left poor Joseph hanging, so we’ll get back to where he’s at early next week. After this we’ll be joining some pretty courageous women of faith as they face down the despot of their time. Then we’ll meet up with Moses as he comes across a bush on fire that changes the trajectory of his life… and Israel’s. So a big week coming up. Get some rest, because the adventure is just getting started!

The end of this coming week will also mark a significant turning point in our story, but I’ll tell you more about that next Sunday… no spoilers.

Now, as I said last week, don’t worry if as we walk along, you have found yourself lagging behind (or maybe you even started late). Don’t try to catch up… just join us wherever you are at and whenever you can. And come and go from our walking party as you need to. There’s so much to see along the way that anytime you join us will be an adventure in itself.

Now, enough talk, here are your encouragements for your journey through our fourth week together…

Printable Scripture cards


Printable Scripture cards: One for each day until next Sunday (black and white and colour versions). And this weeks craft is a suggestion of one way to use these scripture cards, so have a look.

Gift Week 4 Scripture Cards

Week 4 Gifts- BW Scripture cards

A Scripture poster


A Scripture poster of Psalm 23. This frame-able Word for your wall frames the journey of our week together, so place it somewhere where you see it often.

Wk 4 Scripture Poster

Lamps stands to light our paths! (Craft Activity)


This simple craft activity ‘Lamps stands to light our paths’ is a way to keep the Word of God accessible in your home; on your windowsill, your night table or your kitchen bench. 

Lamp Stands to Light Our Paths…

And a really fun ‘New Tradition for an Old Story’ is on it’s way, it’s absolutely my favourite one, so look out for it in your inbox.

YHWH Jesus God Easter Lent

As always, it’s been so lovely hearing from some of you as we travel along together. I love that we can deepen one another’s journey’s as we go. Remember there’s always space to chat on The Long Walk site (in the comments section) as well as on our Facebook ‘walking together’ group discussion space here: ‘Walking Together’.  You can also post photos here of any Easter activities you are up to, your walking companion parties or the crafts you have made. Let’s keep talking as we walk, exploring the long story of grace together.

See you on the road!


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