Into the Unknown…

Day 10

Into the Unknown…

In the shadow of the serpent many things were lost and broken, precious things, beautiful things, things that God had woven deep within the sinews of our Imago Dei being and threaded into the rhythm of our beating human hearts. This image of God within human beings now wisps threadbare thin, torn threads pulling apart, fraying at the edges, floating on the breeze of history. Threads like our sensitivity to God’s voice, commitment to caring for other human beings, being our ‘brother’s keepers’, commitment to keeping love for God at the centre of our being.

How God’s heart must have broken that day long ago, when He came walking in the garden that one evening, to find His children hiding from Him, lying to Him and then blaming Him and one another for their fraying falling condition (Genesis 3). How everything began to tear then, undoing, unravelling the grace that once was us.

God had walked with them, partnered with them, blessed them and cared for them, threading together the tapestry of all the thousand ways He’d loved them, providing a world of wonder woven only with strands of light, a tapestry woven in gold and goodness, grace and givenness.