Sending you some gifts…

Hello walking companions! And a special welcome everyone who joined us during the week, it’s lovely to have you along. Its time to party because you have just made it through the most arduous week of our Long Walk… so many downhills, sharp turns, ups and downs, you must be feeling it! You’ll be relieved to hear that our journey together this week now begins to ease as the road winds along through the refreshing hill country of the Promised Land (milk and honey readily available!). We’ll be walking together with Abraham and then his sons and grandsons, so we’ve got great company, great adventures and great drama ahead of us as we journey along with God on His long walk of grace.

Now, this is a journey that is most valuable when shared (as most journeys are!) so if you haven’t got a walking companion yet, grab a friend or two and invite them to join you. It’s not too late. There is a simple Walking Companion ‘Trail Talks’ sharing guide for you and your friends to talk over as you journey together. So plan a walking party (virtually or face to face) and break out that thermos of tea and box of chocolate brownies!

And don’t worry one bit if, as we walk along, you have found yourself lagging behind, not able to keep up with the pace. Don’t worry about trying to catch up… just join us wherever you are at and whenever you can. And come and go from our walking party as your time allows. Jesus is our head guide on this journey and He’ll make sure you don’t miss anything He thinks you need to see.

Now, I am so thrilled to put into your hands a few more fun encouragements for your journey this week. I hope they bless you in any small way they can.

Printable Journey Cards

One for each day until next Sunday. These scriptures are all connected with the journey of the Long Walk and can be a way to carry the long story with you into your day, mulling it over as you go.

Journey Cards Week Three Pic

Journey Cards Week Three

A ‘Word for Your Wall’ Scripture poster

A significant Scripture that frames the journey of our week together, creating a frame-able Word for your wall (I love this one!).

Ephesians 3:16-19 JPEG

Ephesians 3:16-19

A Count Your Blessings Printable Lent Activity (from last years Journey)


Count Your Blessings This Easter Season

Count Your Blessings Chain strips

Blessing Banner and Decorations

It’s been so lovely hearing from some of you as we travel along together. I love that we can learn from each other and deepen one another’s journey’s as we go. Remember there’s always space to chat on The Long Walk site (in the comments section) as well as on our Facebook ‘walking together’ group. Let’s keep talking as we explore the long story of grace together.

See you on the road tomorrow as we continue our adventure in the deep wide and long story of God’s long walk of grace!



2 thoughts on “Sending you some gifts…

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  1. Thankyou Liz. ❤️

    You are alive in my thoughts and prayers at the moment…May Papa God bless you on your current journey.

    Love Wendie.

  2. Thankyou Liz. ❤️

    You are alive in my thoughts and prayers at the moment. May Papa God bless and support you on this current journey.

    Love, Wendie.

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