Happy Happy Happy Easter!

Happy Happy Happy Easter! He is Risen! Time to celebrate! Well you have made it all the way to Easter Sunday! But this long story of grace isn’t over yet! In many ways it’s just getting started! But today is the day we’ve been anticipating all along. So take a moment to celebrate. To sit... Continue Reading →

Palm Sunday Blessings…

Happy Palm Sunday! We are on the homeward stretch now, with just over a week left in our journey. Every day brings us closer to the cross and deeper into this Easter story, this long story of grace. I hope this week you will find time to soak in the story and in Scripture as... Continue Reading →

The Adventure Hots Up on the Homeward Stretch…

Hello Friends, How are you? I hope you’ve had a moment to trail along with us a little over the last week now that we’re walking with Jesus as our guide. This week we’ll start heading towards Jerusalem in time for the first Palm Sunday. And to be honest, our journey will not be without some conflict... Continue Reading →

Sending you some gifts…

I am so thrilled to put into your hands a few more fun encouragements for your journey this week. I hope they bless you in any small way they can.

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