The Photo Journaling Challenge

What if we all pushed back the busyness of our lives for a moment and made space to see the world through Jesus eyes. What if we began each day, not with our to do lists, our emails lists, our worry lists, but with stillness. With breathing out long and deep and slow, with a pause that is really a prayer, a prayer that says to Jesus ‘bend my eyes to see like you, bend my heart to feel as you do, bend my will to be open to yours, bend my hands to do your work.’ What if we all did this? If we all listened first before we lived, and then went out into each day living from this place, this grace-place of eyes wide open to light; shining light, shedding light, being light in a darkening world. 

This has been a journey I have been wrestling with personally for a few years now. It all began one Easter several years ago. It began with letting the story of Jesus journey to the cross, and through the cross begin to reshape the way I saw the world. I then began to think of the whole story of Easter as a lens, a lens through which I could see everything else in new ways; seeing the world, my circumstances, my relationships all through the lens of this story, all through Jesus eyes.

I used my camera’s aperture to hold these thoughts in light, to capture the story and pin it to my consciousness, reminding my eyes of sight in the days that followed after. I learned to appreciate and give thanks for the details, the graces, the gifts, the small things that a photo can hold onto, reminding me of who is holding me.

This daily photographic challenge I gave myself was so much fun I thought I might suggest it to you, if you are interested. I call it the ‘Through Jesus Eyes’ challenge. 

My personal journey with this became part of the writing I was doing for  ‘The Long Walk’ journey (Blog address in my personal info) as I used my physical lens (my camera and phone, whichever was to hand) to magnify and capture the story of this walk, as I journeyed with Jesus from creation, to Bethlehem, to Nazareth to Gethsemane and Golgotha and the garden tomb I tried to discipline myself to notice, to see the small things in His story, and connect them with my own story day to day, listening to what God was saying to me through each story, letting the story of Jesus journey become a lens through which to see my own.

After each chapter of ‘The Long Walk’, you will find this  ‘Through Jesus Eyes’ challenge inviting you to take time each day to capture a ‘soul selfie’, not a photo of your face, but a picture of your soul, a picture of what God’s Word is breathing into life within you each day, each moment, each meeting, captured in light. It’s like Light capturing light, the light of God’s word shedding light on our lives.

Then, if you wish, you could share your journey with others through social media with the hashtags #ThroughJesusEyes #LongWalk #soul selfie or the specific hashtags suggested each day during ‘The Long Walk’ if that’s where your inspiration came from. Then we all get to share this journey together encouraging one another with new lenses God gives each one of us on our journey.

Here are some of my ‘soul selfies’ taken over three years and three continents in my own long journey of walking alongside Jesus. Some of them have become a part of the ‘Journey Mosaic’ Lent calendar which will be available for free download  on ‘The Long Walk’ blog site before the Easter season of 2021. 

IMGP8589IMGP9253IMGP8540IMGP8237IMGP2970IMGP2918IMGP6689Forest Glen,TasmaniaIMGP4189'Watching the Light' Iona, ScotlandIMGP7149IMGP6750IMGP1764IMGP1549IMGP1541IMGP1670IMGP2924IMGP7136IMGP2675Isle of Skomo, WalesBeautiful Cornwallcalling'Light, Water and Rocks' Pembrokshire, Wales'Droplets Poised' JamaicaDiamondSheltering Light, expelling darknessIMGP1306IMGP1032 copyTears

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