Let’s Celebrate!

It’s time to Celebrate! 

Hello walking companions! And a special welcome everyone who joined us during the week, it’s lovely to have you along. Its time to party because you have just made it through the most arduous week of our Long Walk…so many downhills, sharp turns, ups and downs, you must be feeling it!

You’ll be relieved to hear that our journey together this week now begins to ease as the road winds along through the refreshing hill country of the Promised Land (milk and honey readily available!). We’ll be walking together with Abraham and then his sons and grandsons, so we’ve got great company, great adventures and great drama ahead of us as we journey along through this long story of grace.

Now, this is a journey that is most valuable when shared (as most journeys are!) so if you haven’t got a walking companion yet, grab a friend or two and invite them to join you. It’s not too late. There is a simple ‘trail talks’ sharing guide for you and your friends to talk over as you journey together. So plan a walking party (virtually or face to face) and break out that thermos of tea and box of chocolate brownies! The Walking Companion ‘Trail Talks’ guide is here:    Walking Companion Trail Talks

Now don’t worry if, as we walk along, you have found yourself lagging behind, not able to keep up with the pace. Don’t worry about trying to catch up… just join us wherever you are at and whenever you can. And come and go from our walking party as your time allows. Jesus is our head guide on this journey and He’ll make sure you don’t miss anything He thinks you need to see.

Now, about that… I want to let you in on something… a secret and an invitation. My secret (perhaps not really a secret actually) my motivation in writing all this down has been one simple thing: To help people see God’s face. That’s all. That’s it. I feel like we all need this, whether we’ve been travelling with Jesus for years, months (or maybe this is even the very first jaunt you’ve ever been on with Jesus). Wherever all of us are in our journey, we all have a journey ahead of us still. Because the truth is that the journey into grace never ends. It just gets deeper, richer and wider.

So why do I mention this? Well, as you travel through this Easter season you may come across part of the story that you just sense is not just for you, but for someone you know in your networks, someone in particular who just needs this story this moment. My hope is that this little story will find its way into the hands of people who just need to hear it this Easter season, whichever part is written just for them. So I’m inviting you to partner with me, and with God in this great wild escapade of helping people see His face this Lent. You can share it in anyway that works for you and them… as a whole or in part, by email, through social media or watts app (the email and social media links to each of these are at the end of each days walk). Scatter this seed wherever God leads you to this Lent. I’ll leave it in your hands.

Now, enough talk, here are your fun encouragements for your journey this week…

Printable Scripture cards…


Printable Scripture cards for each day until next Sunday. Both black and white and colour versions. These scriptures are all connected with the journey of the Long Walk and can be a way to carry the long story with you into your day.

Scripture Card Gift week 3

BW Scripture cards week 3

A Scripture poster…


A Scripture poster of a significant Scripture that frames the journey of our week together, creating a frame-able Word for your wall (I love this one!).

Scripture Poster Week 3 Gift

A Count Your Blessings Printable Lent Activity…


This little gift is one way for your household to count blessings and give thanks this Easter season. A ‘chain of blessing’ that could become a chain reaction of thankfulness begetting more thankfulness, joy begetting more joy and a deep realisation of how much God loves us.

Count Your Blessings This Easter Season

Count Your Blessings Chain strips

Blessing Banner and Decorations

‘A Sarah and Abraham Chord Cord’ Simple Craft Activity…


This simple little craft is simply a memento to help us remember that God is with us, the third cord in any cord of three our lives are part of. And this is not just for married couples (though it is for married couples) it is for us all, wherever we are at, and for all our relationships… particularly the ones that test us most.

Abraham Chord Cord

And a ‘New Traditions for an Old Story’ is on it’s way, watch out for it alongside this letter!

It’s been so lovely hearing from some of you as we travel along together. I love that we can learn from each other and deepen one another’s journey’s as we go. Remember there’s always space to share and chat on The Long Walk site (in the comments section) as well as on our Facebook ‘walking together’ group discussion here: ‘Walking Together’.  

So let’s talk as we walk exploring the long story of grace together.

See you on the road tomorrow as we continue our adventure in the long story of grace!



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